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    It provides protection against heat, birds, sound and flying pests.
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    Divide your facility, workplace in an easy and economical way!
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    You can achieve effective insulation on large doors.

Turkiye' s PVC Strip Doors Manufacturer
Saran PVC Strip Doors

PVC Curtians; It is the most preferred product by the building industry for the best insulation in all doors. Our company is in Istanbul located in the central workshop with Turkey's is one of the largest manufacturer of PVC strip doors.

It is the only product which is used extensively in the construction sector and provides the best insulation in every type of large and small doors regardless of size. Particularly when used in large factory doors that need to be open all the time, it reduces the heating and cooling costs of the plants significantly by preventing the entry of cold air in winter and hot air in summer. In addition, PVC strip doors have numerous uses and benefits. Please see our “PVC Strip Door Usage Areas” page for more information.

Information and News from Saran

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You should pay attention to when
buying PVC Curtain Products.

  • Is there a Metal Suspension System?
  • Is it Easily Assembled?
  • Are You Really Sure You Are Buying Pvc Curtains From A Manufacturer?

When you buying a PVC Strip door, the most important point is whether or not there is a metal hanging system.

Unfortunately, in our country, as in all other areas, there are people who try to sell products without metal hanger system in order to reduce the cost in the field of pvc strip door. While giving the price, these people who give the impression that there is a hanging system but fixing the pvc strips with screws only, get a serious unfair gain.

This is the most intense complaint we have received in recent years.

Many of the victims have to call us and then buy them from our metal hanging systems. In this case, unfortunately, the products they think they actually buy cheaper are more expensive.

For this reason, in order to avoid being a victim, please make a commitment to see if there is a Geç Special Snap Metal Hanger System den from the places where you get price.

How to install PVC Strip Doors?

The installation process of the pvc strip doors, which is an industrial product, varies according to the manufacturer or vendor. In particular, the installation of fixed-type pvc strip doors can be quite laborious for end users.

One of the most important features of Saran PVC Strip Doors is that they are modular and easily assembled by everyone.

Regardless of the size, a person who can tighten screws with a drill can easily assemble our products alone.

If you have any doubts or would like to receive technical support, please contact us.

Saran is the only real pvc curtains manufacturer in Istanbul.

Be cautious of under-stairs sellers who appear to be producers and victimize customers.

Before buying PVC Curtains, if possible, visit the warehouse, workshop and office of the seller, if possible, to check whether they are truly manufacturers or sub-stair sellers.

Remember, if you buy a product that sells only through a phone number and doesn't actually have any real addresses or sells under the stairs, the quality of this product will be questionable, and you may not be able to get any technical support afterwards.